KEEP RUNNING, even though it is raining

I have a pretty good indicator of the weather before I even open my eyes. Curled in the back of my Sprinter van my head is only a couple of feet away from the roof. Although well insulted, the noise created through a pitter patter or downright deluge of rain is evident. Next, how close the dog is curled to my legs and exposing the skin of my arm from under the covers gives me a good indication of the temperature. It’s been a lovely summer living in the van and these changing fall days are giving me notice to prep for the coming wet running season.


It is this rainy season that keeps the Pacific NW beautiful, we have to remember this as we change layers and dig for motivation. Here are a couple of thoughts to keep you moving this fall and winter:

There is no bad weather, only bad gear.

We can endure a lot more than we think with the right layers on our bodies. When you take in the weather through your window, take it on as a challenge to Goldilocks the heck out of your running gear – not too hot, not too cold, juuuuuust right! Waterproof, windproof and insulation all have their benefits and their limits. It’s up to you to create the perfect kit for the wide range of conditions and your specific needs.

Author Tip: knee-high compression socks keep my calves and ankles warmer and less muddy.


Schedule a time and place to meet a friend for a weekly run, or join one of the many Bellingham Group running meet-ups to make sure you get out the door. The bonus is that you will want to stay fit for those runs so even on days you aren’t meeting your buddy you’ll have the motivation for your miles.

Author Note: I’ll see you at the Fairhaven Runner’s All Paces Runs on Tuesday nights, hopefully!

Plan ahead for Recovery & Clean Up

Create a post run system that is easy and ready for your return. If you have a mud room (I’m jealous!) have a hanging rack or hooks ready to catch your wet clothes; having a set of dry clothes or a luxurious bathrobe waiting is an added bonus. Hot beverages and/or an easy to prep meal waiting will give you something to look forward to while on the run and aid your recovery.

Author Tip: Don’t forget about the 30 and 90 minute recovery windows (more info in my book Running Your First Ultra – second edition to be released January 2022!)

Have a day to stick your tongue out at the rain

Sometimes it is harder to motivate and it is okay and encouraged to give yourself grace when you don’t make it out for your run, or you cut off a few miles. I’ve literally stuck my tongue out at the rain from the comfort of a heated living room, as if to say “not today rain.” Knowing that you have the choice is powerful.


Krissy Moehl was raised in Bow and has traveled the world following her long-distance trail running passion. She lives with her pup, PD, in a Sprinter van in and around Bellingham, and works in an office at Prime Sports Institute coaching athletes and directing the Chuckanut 50k.

Photo credit Ruffwear