Service Highlights

  • Real-time results. As teams finish, results will be available at kiosk and online.
  • Printable results will be available.
  • We make use of the latest timing technology from race|result.
  • We consult with the hardware supplier to ensure we have the best hardware setup for your specific event.
  • Redundant equipment in place.
  • We will visit the course one or more times, at least one month in advance to test timing setup and make revisions as necessary.

Live Tracking

  • Individual and Team tracking viewed online.
  • Tracking data uploaded at trackbox points.

Live Tracking Example:
The race|result tracking solution was successfully used on the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon, one of the toughest endurance events on the planet.

Thanks to the Track Box, the 3-strong timing crew was able to cover 25 timing points, spread on a 200 km point-to-point course.
This video shows how the timing and tracking equipment was set up:

Tracking Setup Video



The Pacific Multisports Platform allows you the ability to manage and maintain all the complexities of your event from one central location. Beyond just saving you time, this integrated approach helps strengthen each individual element of your race by promoting stronger organization and functionality across your team.


Pacific Multisports is a leading supplier of race medals, awards, running shirts and other race gear. Whether your event is a 5k, 10k, marathon, triathlon, bike race, 50k trail race, or other multisport event, we can help you with the best options to fit your budget and timeline.

The team at Pacific Multisports has worked with numerous local Race Directors and event planning organizations over the years. Most of the team are also runners and cyclists and have planned and directed their own races.

This experience helps us to provide insight into your race product needs and which of our race package options are best suited to your race event. Our experienced graphic artists understand how incorporating your signature design details throughout your race medals, race awards and race apparel, will make your race event unique and help keep your athletes coming back each year.

Traffic Control

At Pacific Multisports, we will help you generate a Traffic Control Plan that clearly illustrates how pedestrian, vehicular, transit, bicycle and emergency traffic will be routed through and around your Event Site.

1. Name, date and hours of the event
2. Street closures
3. Start/finish lines, if applicable
4. Event route(s), if applicable
5. Detour route(s)
6. Parking areas (See Parking for more information)
7. Traffic control devices (i.e. Barricades, Cones, Drums, Signs, etc.)
8. Police/Certified Flagger posts
9. Monitor posts

Branding & Merchandise

You want to say something, sell an idea, create a product, design a service, connect with people, make an impact, change the world.

Let’s do it.

Our team at Pacific Multisports won’t just work for you, we’ll become part of your team, partners invested in the success of your ambition.

Together we can look more closely at your brand or product & find creative ways to differentiate you from your competition. We accept clients whose goals we believe in, and we’re excited to show you how incredible design, integrated branding, and targeted marketing, can help your company to flourish.

Businesses who invest in branding & design reach more customers and experience greater growth.

Our team of creative communicators is ready to invest in your brand succeeding. Are you?

Web Services

Our feature-rich solutions will help you take control of your race management, and increase your participant numbers. Our simple registration form makes the process easy for participants to complete. Unlike other registration companies, we don’t list any third-party offers on your registration form. Grow your race and simplify your online race registration with Race Entry today.

There are a myriad of ways to advertise your race, but it is important to learn what methods work best. On your registration page you should have a question similar to, “How did you hear about this event?” You can also track the effectiveness of different advertising sources by using a unique promo code for each campaign. The promo codes with the higher uses are likely your better forms of advertising. With online advertising, such as Google AdWords, you can have cookies set on athlete’s computers that click on the ads, tracking who signs up. There are many other methods of tracking your advertising campaigns; you are strongly encouraged to do some form of tracking to optimize your advertising spend. Begin every year with a marketing plan, and have goals associated with the plan. Set top level goals for the event as a whole, but also consider having goals for each type of advertising.