COB Virtual Race Results – FAQ’s

How do I submit my results?

Submit your results for the Bellingham Challenge here by logging in with the Registrant ID number (or Receipt number) you were assigned when you registered. You will find your Registrant ID number in the registration confirmation email sent to you by the City of Bellingham (see example below). Note – there may be a delay of a day after you register before you can submit results while we wait to receive your ID numbers from the City of Bellingham and upload them into our system.


Your Name

123 Any Dr

Bellingham, WA 98225

(888) 888-8888

ID: 88888

What do I need to submit?

At a minimum you will need to include the date, type of activity, distance and distance units (miles, kilometers, meters). You will also be asked, but not required to submit your time and a verification link. We highly recommend you submit a verification link. Submitting a verification link is encouraged but not required for this event.

How do I submit a verification link?

There are many ways to create a verification link. We’ll cover two of the simplest ways.

#1) Fitness Tracking Tools

If you are using a tool like Garmin Connect, Strava, Fitbit, etc. to track your training and races you can simply select the activity, copy the link, and paste that into the verification section of the form. Depending on your privacy settings within the tool, you may need to ensure that the activity is publicly viewable so we can access the information if necessary.

#2) Upload a photo or screenshot of your workout results from your watch or phone

If you have a fitness tracker, GPS watch, tracking app on your phone, or are running on a treadmill you can simply snap a picture of your watch/treadmill display or take a screenshot of your tracking app then upload the image and share the link. You can upload the image anywhere a shareable link is created including your favorite social media site (make sure your post is public), your own website, or an image sharing website.

You can use any method you like to create a shareable link but we’ll cover the simplest method using a free image sharing site

To upload to Imgur you don’t even need to create an account, just follow the simple instructions below. (PLEASE NOTE that is a public photo sharing and browsing site, Pacific Multisports cannot be responsible for any content uploaded by other users.)

Step 1. Go to and click “New post” at the top of the page and select “Upload Images.

Step 2. Upload your image by either dragging and dropping into the box or selecting “Browse”

Step 3. Once your image is uploaded you can simply copy the link that is created and paste into the verification form.

And that’s all there is to it! If you’d like you can add a title and description to the image and update the privacy setting or even share with the Imgur community if you’d like but there’s no need to go any further if you’re just trying to get a shareable link to include in your virtual race submission form.

What if I’m running into issues uploading my results?

Don’t panic. We’re here, and happy to help! Simply contact us at Pacific Multisports ( and we’ll get you squared away.